Boa surfboards began as a lifelong dedication to the sport of surfing that evolved into a lifestyle. my experience in the production of surfboards goes back as far 1978 when i was first introduced to foam and fiberglass. Since that moment the production of a high quality surfboard has been my passion and my goal.

Boa surfboards is the only established and recognized surfboard manufacture in the small republic of Panama. For well over twenty years we have been supplying the hard core surfers  of this area with a world class surfboard.

Our focus is to maintain a steady course in the production of a high quality and innovative surfboard. We use only the best material available in the industry and always keep pace with  the ever changing design and production of surfboards and its material. We have extreme confidence in our experience and therefore are confident you will get a quality world class surfboard.


We look forward to creating a magic surfbboard just for you.